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If you are looking to buy or Sell Used Ikea Furniture, Feel free to contact Us.

Royal Furniture Buyers in Bahrain

We provide High Quality Used Royal Furniture in Bahrain, that we will provide in good condition.

Normal Furniture in Bahrain

We are providing Used Furnitures like Seating Furniture, Tables Furniture, Sleeping or Lying Furniture, Storage Furniture, etc..

Who We Are !

Welcome to the Al Mareekh used furniture buyers in Bahrain shops that are composed of dealing with experts in the field of used furniture industry with years of services. With our experiences in buying and selling used furniture, We sure that we are the best choice for buying and selling furniture for you when it comes to any type of furniture that you want to buy or sell anywhere in Bahrain.

Our Special Services

We are providing categories of Used Furnitures in Bahrain.


Used furniture buyers Bahrain can make you earn cash just by selling your used items that are still useful and in good condition with customers satisfaction. We know that investing in purchasing furniture at home is a great idea though most of them are very expensive but when we come to the point that we will not be going to use it anymore or if we have plans on buying new then we should not waste it then you can sell it, we should look for the buyers old furniture in Bahrain who will purchase the second hand furnitures so that we don’t to stock them all on your home we will bring it our shop directly from your home or office.

There are kind of used items that you can sell to us. You can sell almost all the furniture and used home appliances or air conditioners that you can see on your home and the items like bookshelves, dressing table, bed, sofa, dining table, wardrobes, end, side, and center table and a lot more. If you are looking to buy new items like these for your home and want sell slightly used items or you are trying to restructure your interior to make more space then the best thing you must do is to sell it to used furniture buyers Bahrain.

The items like sofa or sofa set, we will able to purchase it as long as it is still in good quality and usage. Firstly we will check its frame, filling and the upholstery. According to us it is very important to ensure that the items that you buy are all in good condition and just like for us as used furniture buyers Bahrain, we also make sure that we will buy it in excellent condition or long time usage. Items like as sofa, we also buy different types of table. This includes the dining table, end, bar table, wood, accent, center, side, corner and etc. We will also check the used furniture in Bahrain to make sure that we are fixing the best price. If you have any other fixtures that you want to sell like home appiances or air conditioners in Bahrain, just contact our used furniture buyers Bahrain.


Used furniture for sale in Manama Bahrain is what you can see in our store that is very accessible to everyone living here for selling their home appliances in Bahrain. You can check the items that we are selling from our store and let us know which one or set you like to purchase the items with best conditions.

The set of used furniture that we are selling in Bahrain, we are offering living room, dining room, kitchen, garden and bedroom set of used furniture in Manama Bahrain . You can complete all the things that you want to put on your home without worrying the price that you will pay because one of the advantages in searching for the used furniture for sale in Riffa Bahrain is that you cannot just preserve the environment but you will also save money because we will give you the best price.

If you will be the one to sell furniture set to us then we can also assist you with our years experience for used furniture for sale in Manama Bahrain. If you want to sell your furniture on your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, living room, and garden as set then you can call us right away. This happens when the resident needs to move or relocate to other location and they cannot able to bring their items with them so they will just sell it to the dealers who will purchase it and put it in their store as used furniture for sale in Manama Bahrain.


Are you looking for used furniture in Bahrain? We are here to fully assist you to buy and sell used furniture and home appliances with air conditioners. Instead of buying brand new that is very expensive with your budget, why you don’t consider on purchasing used furniture in Bahrain? And instead of putting all your used furniture on your storage rooms like useless items, you can also sell and save money with that, right? The used furniture dealers from our store are the one you can depend on when it comes to any type of used furniture and used home appliances or air conditioners in Bahrain.

We are selling used furniture in Bahrain that you can use for your home, office, restaurant, markets, hotels and other establishments with your needs. For hotel, you can make it look more professional to make happy costomers that ensure they will enjoy their stay or vacation even for a long time with your service. You can welcome your guests with our luxurious collection soffa set to make them sit. We have different types of sofa sets and they are available in different colors in our store in Bahrain. If you are interested to have this then you can contact us directly and we will give you a lot of choices that will fit in your hotel rooms, reception areas, etc.. We have the arm chairs. Chaise lounges, modular sofas and a lot more. Do you want to have coffee tables? We wil provide also that. We have a lot of options to choose for your hotel interior that matches like colors, style. You can also save money with buying used furniture i n Bahrain instead of purchasing brand new furniture. We understand the needs of every hotel and this why we are here to assist them especially in looking for the right used furniture in Bahrain that will fit in their area and offer it for a cheap price and customers Budget. We Are not located in a place then we can help where ever you are in Bahrain.

Whenever you need used best fixtures for your lobby or reception bedroom, dining area, kitchen and etc. feel free to visit us for the used furniture in Bahrain.


We are one of the furniture stores in Bahrain that you can trust for the second hand items; appliances and furniture or air conditioners. Here’s the guide on how you can know that the shop that sells furniture is the one that you can trust us for getting a good service for you.

Used Furniture stores in Bahrain that you can trust for buying and selling used furnitures. You must consider the location of the furniture stores in Bahrain. Upon searching, you can able to know that we exist because you will need us for the different used furniture that you want to buy for your home or office. We have used furniture, used home appliances and air conditioners that is available in different types, brands, colors, sizes and etc. We make sure that our customers are 100% completely satisfied with the services that we are offering in regards to the used items in our stores. You must also consider the staffs that the furniture stores have that they will provide you the best for your needs. You must ensure that they are trusted and can able to give you a lot of choices and tips to choos the used furniture, used home appliances and air conditioners for your home or offices.


Used furniture shops in Bahrain like us aren’t just offering second hand furniture, used home appliances and air conditioners but we likewise help our clients when they want to sell their furniture. Are you one of those people who want to sell their furniture in Bahrain? If yes, then here’s the process on how you can sell your furniture. You can make a direct call to our store, we can help you with our service that where ever your are in Bahrain.


For the second hand furniture Bahrain, you can absolutely trust our shop that are very proficient in selling and buying used furniture for a long time for your home or office. Looking in the social media sites can help you in looking for the furniture stores that are near in your area that you can access easly. Posting the items that you are selling can also help you in looking for buyers that will buy your use furniture but the best way is to look for a professional and trusted furniture company or shops in Bahrain that you can trust when it comes to buying and selling of second hand furniture Bahrain.


Second hand furniture shops in Bahrain offers buying and selling of any kinds of furniture, home appliances that you want to sell and buy in Bahrain. This is the shop that you must start on looking for if you are willing to purchase second hand fixtures for your home or offices.


Second hand furniture store in Bahrain like Al Mareekh is the place where you can feel very comfortable in buying second hand fixtures that you can use on your home or offices. When you are plan to move your house or office it will be easy. We don’t have a choice but to pack it. There are movers and packers that can help us but some of the residents who are considering to move also considers in selling their old furniture instead of bringing it them with them. This usually applies to the people who will be moving to far places especially in other countries. Some of the used furniture shops also buy second hand items from their customers as long as it is in good conditions with valuable prices. Another reason why people are interested in looking for excellent used furniture shops is that they don’t have much furniture on their homes and now that they finally moved, they want to fill it up with good quality and stunning furniture but their main priority is to look for a cheaper value and this is why they are looking for used furniture shops who can assist them with that in anywhere in Bahrain.


In Bahrain, Second hand furniture dealers are best to asset is their expertise. Since they are suppliers, they have a lot of experiences which made them capable of supplying second hand furniture to the residents here.

As a consumer in Bahrain for second hand furniture dealers there are still qualities that you must look for when looking for the trustworthy second hand furniture dealers and one of those is their suggestions from them. If we are still a newbie in buying second hand furniture in UAE, then we still don’t have much enough knowledge on how we could select the right furniture that we must buy for our home or office. But in this case, true and trusted second hand furniture dealers will definitely help you with that. Instead of taking at as an advantage to earn more money, they will just use it as an opportunity for you to trust more about buying second hand items since you can able to see how good quality it is. As a second hand furniture dealers in Bahrain, you can contact us at anytime, we are ready to help you for buying, selling, doubts, etc..

Our Main Focused Services Areas in Bahrain

We buy all kind of used furnitures, air conditioner and home appliaces in Manama, Riffa, Isa Town, Saar, AlJuffair, Muharraq, Al Hidd, Hamad Town, Adliya, Jidhafs, Zallaq, Budaiya, A'ali, Seef, Qudaibiya, Arad, Barbar, Sanabis, Sanad, Samaheej, Tubli, Janabiyah, Salmabad, Hamala, Al Jasra, Jurdab, Busaiteen, Diplomatic Area, Al Malikiyah, Bani Jamra, Dar Kulaib, Karzakkan, Al Maqsha, Hillat Abdul Saleh, Jid Ali, Al Qadam, Diraz, Damistan, Shakhurah, Jannusan, North Sehla, Buri, Al Qalah, Karranah, Abu Saiba, Al Hajar, Tashan, Sadad, Khamis, Al Markh, Maqabah. More any place in All Over Bahrain. Our Supervisor will visit your place for survey to check and bring your furnitures with our vehicle and workers, or you can send picture through whatsapp so we can fix the price details by watching through whatsapp. Payment will be done by before we load your items.

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